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Urban Rock in D Flat Major
A grungy rock and roll backing track with an urban feel, great for indie bands and solo singers. Instruments include bass, drums, lead, pad, piano and synth.

Duration: 4min 18sec

Key: D Flat Major

Tempo: 132bpm

What is included with this purchase?
You will receive the master track in MP3 format, the stem files in WAV format, and 100% royalty-free rights.

Can I get the master track in MP3 format?
In order to save storage space on our server, the master track is only saved in MP3 format. However if you open the stems in your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) such as Ableton and Logic Pro X, you will be able to create another master track in WAV forma

What are stems?
Stems, also known as construction loops and packs, are groups of audio tracks that are combined to create the final master track. For example, if the track contains drum, piano and violin, you would have 3 stem files: 1 for the drum, 1 for the piano and 1

How many times will this track be sold?
This track will be sold to one customer only and then removed from the website. So if you want it, buy it now before someone else does!

Who owns the copyright ownership of this track?
Once you have purchased this track, the full copyright ownership will be transferred to you.

Who was this track composed by?
All our composers are leading experts in the musical industry. Many of their works have been on commerical radios and films.

Am I allowed to claim to be the original composer of this track?
Yes, once you have purchased the track and the full copyright ownership has been transferred to you, you are allowed to do anything with it, including claiming it to be composed by you.


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